Name:  Gerrit de Jong

Born in Rotterdam the Netherlands in 1961

My goal:
Take photographs in the way that the old masters made their paintings.

I think I started taking photographs in 1985.
My first camera was a praktica but that became soon a Canon AE-1.
It was really a try on error time. A year or so later I bought myself a Canon A-1 and started to read loads of books about photography. The Canon A-1 was and still is a great camera to practice new skills although today the digital cameras are much cheaper and more easy to practice with. although I enjoyed  photography, a style was hard to find in my works. I couldn’t get my pictures right, there was always something wrong about it. after a few years of practicing and taking a course in Photography, I didn’t do much with the camera for a while although I was always looking for other challenges with self made lenses and secondhand cameras like the Mamiya 6×6.
When our first daughter was born I started to take photographs again just to register the most important events and their daily occupations. In 2007 I started to display my works on the internet at Deviantart and there my style became more obvious to see.
Taking landscape and portrait photographs are my favorites, although portraits are more personal so not many are displayed on this site. Nowadays I use a Canon 5D Mark II to get more quality in my pictures for larger copies.